QA-FjXa5The distinction ‘Gal about Town’ has been associated with me for a long time. When I was a kid, my best friend’s dad would always greet me as “Casey Brown, Gal About Town”, as if that’s how my name appeared on my birth certificate. It stuck, because A) “Brown” and “town” rhyme (in case you missed that) and B) I was the most sociable, woman-about-town kind of gal a person could be. I mean, my mother once lost track of me at a Disney World resort, because I was too busy, as she said, “shaking hands and kissing babies” down at the pool. I was seven.

But since 2012, “Gal about Town” has sort of been my brand. It was the tagline for my blog and as I wrote and I wrote, it became a huge part of my identity. I have my finger on the proverbial pulse. I am up-to-date on all the latest hook-ups/break-ups/make-ups/feuds, and I’m always up for sharing my opinions on the last bestseller or telling a hilarious anecdote of driving in LA traffic.  Even though I’m in the adult world, with a little less time and a lot more bills, that urge to share has not faded.

So, here we are, starting it back up again. It may be a new blog, but it’s the same content, same me. Hope you’re ready for it.

Casey Brown | Gal about Town

P.S — You can discover my roots and read old favorites at my previous blog, caseybrowngalabouttown.blogspot.com.


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