Why I Stopped Writing (And Why I’m Starting Again)

It is February 12th. We’re nearly a month and a half into the new year. Some of us are still going strong with our resolutions. Some of us have tweaked or even given up on certain resolutions. As for me, I’m just starting.

Even though there are countless internet articles that argue for it, I forwent writing my resolutions down this year. I did that last year. I neatly printed my resolutions in the Moleskin notebook I always carry with me. I only had two: 1) Take a comedy writing class, and 2) Run the Marvel Superhero 10k at Disneyland. By the time I got out of my 60-plus-hour-a-week job, I had already planned to leave LA, so resolution #1 was a bust. As for resolution #2, moving home made it impossible to return for the race.┬áSo, Casey’s Resolutions for 2017 were a wash.

This year, I didn’t write their resolutions down. I didn’t want to feel pressure to complete anything by year end. The last couple of years have been filled with enough pressure for me. But I do have an idea of the things I want to do this year: Finish my upcoming 5k in under 30 minutes, Try to get to 100 books read in the year (a yearly goal I’ve had for a long time), Become better at keeping in touch/making plans with people (since I’m pretty terrible at it), Actively work towards happiness and relaxation.

Most of all, I want to get back into writing, particularly writing here on my blog.

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