Requiem for a Race

Today, I was supposed to be back in sunny California. I was supposed to get up tomorrow at the ungodly hour of 3AM, pull on my blue spandex with matching star-adored baseball cap and take to on the Thor 10k with the running fiends and Marvel fanatics as Captain America. I couldn’t wait the heroic overtures of the marathon’s official Spotify playlist to keep me going until the finish line, where I would collect that shining Thor medal, a token of five months’ diligent training.

However, due to a myriad of circumstances, the biggest being it’s astronomically expensive to get back to California, I will not be there. And it bothers me that I won’t be there. I get a pit in my stomach every time I get an email whose subject reads “Review these Last Race Day Reminders” or the runDisney Instagram story refreshes with new glimpses into the race decor or the merch tent.

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Casey Takes Route 66, Day 5: Meet Me in St. Louis

With my longest day behind me, the excitement was building: only three days until I’d be reunited with my parents in South Bend, IN. And the stops between Joplin and South Bend were my most exciting yet: St. Louis, MO and Chicago, IL.

I got up and was anxious to get to St. Louis, because it would be my only destination where I would be receiving a personalized guided tour, courtesy of my mom’s cousins, Kathy and Karen.

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Casey Takes Route 66, Day 3: Take It Easy

Day 3 started off strong, because according to the beautiful itinerary Mom crafted for the trip, I didn’t have to leave Flagstaff, AZ until noon, which allowed for a major sleep in. Did I sleep in? Of course not! By 10AM, I was fed, showered, dressed, had published two blog posts and was itching to get on the road.

In my pre-departure phone call with Mom, she reminded me to enjoy the journey. It’s so easy to think about getting to the next destination and forgetting that driving through this country, exploring its features big and small, might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I can’t take for granted. With her wise words in mind, I hopped into my trusty steed George and headed east!

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Casey Takes Route 66, Day 1: Goodbye LA, Hello Vegas

I’m already behind with posting, but it’s okay! It means I’ve had experiences that have made me forget about my laptop and just enjoy the moment. I had already anticipated that my first day of travel, though not the longest, would be the hardest, because it was the day I would officially leave LA behind. But I had lots of fun things in store to distract me! So, let’s start for the beginning:

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Goodbye, LA

If you had told the fresh-faced Elon grad who arrived here in July of 2015 with a dream and a cardigan that she’d be turning around and heading back east only two years later, she would have laughed in your face. The solemn sympathy of your expression would have made her mad, spurred her to prove you wrong. But, alas, that is the truth: After two years and change in the City of Angels, I am packing up my Jetta, George, and heading back to the land of dropped R’s and the reigning champion New England Patriots.

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